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Following the Sacred Heartbeats - painted


Following the Sacred Heartbeats - painted


Following the Sacred Heartbeats - painted

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This is an limited edition, archival quality giclee print of a woodblock print layered with acrylic paint. 

Image size - 18.5" x 23.5" 

Humpback whales sing long and complex beautiful songs sending vibrational messages out through the depths of the ocean. All the whales in an area sing virtually the same song at any point in time and the song is constantly and slowly evolving over time. In my community we also have sacred repetitive songs that are shared at specific times and passed down through lineages. This is one of the profound parallels I see between my community and the whales we used to hunt, a relationship that is difficult for us to understand now that we are so far removed from the teachings of hunting with deep respect and connection. 

Following the Sacred Heartbeats is a part of a series of woodblock prints exploring my people's natural and supernatural relationship with whales.