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lino printing workshops

As a part of sharing my creative process with others I have started offering 2-3hr "Intro to Relief Printmaking" workshops. I am not a professionally trained printmaker but I have had the honour of being mentored by many professional and renegade printmakers. I have discovered that I love encouraging others to embrace their creative side. Somewhere along the way many of us got the idea that you have to 'be an artist' to enjoy creative expression. This is not true. Many people come into my workshops having not made anything since high school and walk away really excited about the printing process. It is deeply important to remember to be playful and flex all aspects of our abilities. 

A 2-3hr workshop usually includes a demonstration and a short overview of different printing styles. Participants design and carve a postcard sized block and walk away with 5-10 original prints.  

If you are interested in hosting a printing workshop contact me for more details