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Online Projects

Legacy Interactive 

I was a part of a collaboration between four media artists - Tasha Hubbard, Rebeka Tabobondung, Helen Haig-brown and myself - who came together to explore ways that we could support each other in healing and moving forward as empowered Native women. We spent a transformative time together, visiting with each other over the span of a few years. We committed to the creation of an interactive online community to companion the release of Helen's film "My Legacy" which explores love and intergenerational healing. I contributed a few pieces to Legacy Interactive about my own healing and transformations - Journey to Motherhood and Calling in the Next Generation

Redwire Media  

For 7 years I worked deeply with a collective of other Native youth artists, activists, and organizers through Redwire Native Youth Media Society. We used media to create uncensored spaces for youth to find their own voice. All of our media projects were initiated and led by Native youth inspiring creativity, confidence, motivation and action. For 11 years Redwire Magazine was printed quarterly as an uncensored publication and distributed for free across Turtle Island. Redwire is not currently active but online you can find an archive of articles and downloadable issues of Redwire Magazine - Indigenous music culture

One of my passions is interviewing inspiring souls. I love sitting down and drawing stories out of people. For a winter I was lucky enough to write for, a centralized space for emerging and established Indigenous musicians to share and promote their work. A couple of my favourite interviews were Skeena Reece's Life Cycles and Into the Sacred Hoop with Darwin Frost. They have a ton of great content online including podcasts, an Indigenous musicians database and more interviews and articles. 


No Valentines on Stolen Native Land

During the 2010 Olympics on Unceded Coast Salish Territories activist artists were targeted by police, followed, threatened, lost their jobs, and were vilified by mainstream media all in an attempt to censor and silence their voices. As a parody on the censorship of the "No Olympics on Stolen Native Land" artists I created a series of "No Valentines on Stolen Native Land" which I released on Valentines Day while the games were raging on. There are several political artists that consented to having their work parodied for this project which I am so grateful for and I honour them for their courage. 

Westcoast Recycling

I have started doing some logo development for some local projects which is a great, playful change of pace from my other creative work. Here is a logo based off a lino print I designed for Westcoast Recycling -  a local website that provides the most current information on local recycling programs.